Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening System

Teeth whitening is the process of removing stains from teeth and restoring the natural white tooth color. It is a procedure performed in general dentistry, but is considered cosmetic dentistry. Besides visiting a dentist or a teeth whitening specialist, there are at home teeth whitening products available. Teeth whitening is not a new invention. The Ancient Romans used goat milk and urine to keep their teeth white.

As a person ages, their teeth lose the whiteness their teeth had as children due to the changes in the mineral structure of teeth and enamel that becomes less porous. Teeth also become stained by foods and vegetables that contain carotenoids and xanthonoids. Some antibacterial medications such as tetracycline’s can also add stains to teeth.

Idol White Teeth Whitening System

Idol White is a teeth whitening system that is available for home use. The product, a whitening gel applied to the teeth, brightens teeth by removing the discoloration. It is easy to use and delivers professional results. The gel is made from natural products that are blended to attack teeth yellowing and fight teeth discoloration at the same time. Idol White contains water, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, EDTA, peppermint oil and sodium saccharin.

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Alta White Teeth Whitening System

Alta White

Alta White is a two step whitening method that works to eliminate stain build up on teeth. The first step is an application of product that will rid teeth of yellowing and staining of the teeth and the second step is swabbing the teeth with an implement containing a liquid solution of FD & C Blue 1, peppermint for flavor, propylparaben, methylparaben, glycerin, and water. The swabbing action brings the bright white color back to the teeth for a sizzling smile.

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Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whitening System

Mint Cosmetics

Mint Cosmetics is a home teeth whitening system offering results within 30 minutes. The system works by an application of teeth whitening gel and holding the gel in place with a custom molded mouth guard. The mouth guard is used to increase the effectiveness of the gel as saliva tends to dilute the gel and the active components that whiten teeth. The gel contains an active peroxide ingredient that works its way into the pores of teeth and oxidizes stains.

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The pursuit of white teeth is nothing new and nice, white teeth present a radiant smile and a better first impression. White teeth help build personal confidence, takes years off your looks and adds a positive edge to your overall appearance.

Professional teeth whitening can be costly and since it is considered cosmetic dentistry, it is not covered by insurance. The at home teeth whitening products offer the average person the ability to whiten their teeth for a fraction of the professional cost. The teeth whitening products developed for home use are affordable and will fit most people’s budget. The one thing people should keep in mind is the whitening is not permanent and will have to be redone every so often, usually depending on lifestyle and the foods and drink consumed.